Cewek Mandi di Kali

cewek mandi di kali memang peristiwa yang sangat ditunggu-tunggu para lelaki, ngintip cewek mandi di kali merupakan hal yang biasa dilakukan para remaja laki-laki di pedesaan. Sensasi ngintip cewek mandi di sungai memberi adrenalin tersendiri bagi para penyuka ngintip cewek mandi di kali. Berikut beberapa foto cewek mandi di sungai.

Bikini Bottom Fall

Bikini Bottom Fall. Pictures of girl's bikini bottom fall in water park. Bikini bottom malfunction.
Bikini bottom disaster. Girl naked at watr park. Girl naked at water park.

Girl lossing her bikini bottom at water park

Bikini disaster at water park

Bikini slip at water park

Girl lossing her bikini bottom at water park

A naked Bar Girl stood on the top of a car in Central Pattaya

Naked girl in Pattaya street 1

A sexy naked drunk Girl stood on the top of a car in Central Pattaya, early on Friday Morning after a night of heavy drinking. Police were called to the Central Pattaya Road intersection with Pattaya Second Road just before 5am and were met with a scene of chaos as the naked 36 year old bar employee, Khun Sukontra, was standing on the roof of a White Mazda 2 which was later found to belong to her. 

 Naked girl in Pattaya street 2

 Naked girl in Pattaya street 3

Police were not prepared to place their hands on the naked woman and enlisted female helpers who eventually dragged her off the car and assisted Police to take her to Pattaya Police Station where her younger sister, Khun Sutatip aged 29 explained that her older sister would often lose control of herself when she drank heavily and this incident was a good example of what can happen, although she has never seen her strip naked in public before. Police did not file charges against Khun Sukontra but placed her behind bars for a few hours allowing her to recover from the effects of the alcohol.

 Naked drunk girl in Pattaya street 4

 Naked girl in Pattaya street 5

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