Nude Sumo Women Wrestling Champhionship

Sumo is a traditional Japanese sport. It's ages is more than 2000 years. This sport was established utterly in 17th century when 72 canonical Sumo techniques were written down. They are based on sacred "Shinto" rituals, which are performed for the gods. From time immemorial sumotori represented a small "selected" group close to emperors. Until now they have lifetime full government support. During past years Sumo from activity for select people became a regular sport, popular among both – men and women. Championships were organized in three categories (instead of one - superweight). The three female weight categories are: below 65 kg, below 80kg and above 80 kg.

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For a long time women were prohibited fro even watching Sumo contests because it would be considered as desecrating of this sacred Samurai ritual. In 1873 the ban on watching Sumo was lifted and women became zealous fans of this wrestling style and contributed to revival of its past glory.

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